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5 Breathetaking secret places in Nepal I’m sure you won’t believe it really exist;

These places and Landscape are so beautiful that It will be difficult for you to determine whether it is real or imaginary editing. These are the places of Nepal which looks like they have just fallen from heaven.

     1)    Himalayan Trailis In West Nepal

There is a proveb in Nepal that if game of thrones is shot in Nepal then this will be the most suitable place for shooting.

         2)    Barun Valley

    Barun Valley (बरुण उपत्यका) is a Himalayan valley situated at the base of Mt. Makalu in the           Sankhuwasabha district Nepal. This valley lies entirely inside the Makalu Barun National Park.

        3)    Gosaikunda

  Gosaikunda (गोसाइँकुण्ड), also spelled Gosainkunda and Gosain Kunda is an alpine freshwater       oligotrophic lake in Nepal's Langtang National Park, located at an altitude of 4,380 m (14,370 ft) in the Rasuwa District with a surface of 13.8 ha (34 acres).[2] Together with associated lakes, the Gosaikunda Lake complex is 1,030 ha (4.0 sq mi) in size and has been designated a Ramsar site on 29 September 2007.

        4)    Panch Pokhari

           Panch Pokhari is a group of 5 Hindu holy lakes in the Sindhupalchowk District of Nepal.          It is 9th highest altitude wetland in the world. The lake in Janai Purnima is a popular destination for Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims.

      5)    The siddha Gufa in Bandipur

Siddha Gufa Caving is the largest and most popular caving destination in Nepal. It provides the astounding experience inside the darkness of the cave. Siddha Gufa is the largest cave in Nepal and second largest in Asia with 437m depth and 50m height.

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