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The Result you have obtained doesn't matter and neither it reflects who you will be nor it impacts in your movement ahead with any specific objective in your life to obtain. The result in case if it is not as you wish that does means anything as the resullt as your wish also does not have any means, does it?

Don't worry about exam.
Although the educated people are increasing every year but people are not getting job. Jobless people are increasing in the same ratio as educated people have increased.
What do you think reason behind this?
Isn't it all due to the education system that are prevalent in our nation or many other world wide?

This type of theoritical edcation system is only a systematic way of creating educated unemployee without practical knowledge required to run the day to day human life in a easy and comfortable way.

This system of education is increasing the no. of terrorist and worthless and unskilled manpower by providing the knowlege which never come into practice use throught out the life of the learner which are absolutely other than that actually reqired for the real development of the world.

Thus, the education system should be like giving the knowledge about the various ways to make the life fruitful and successful which is actually the real power of the education.

People are born with their own talent and they have to find out what the talent who owns, unless that is worthless if they don't recognise their talent. They take the path on the force or may not have other choose though have no interest upon it. Even this types of people are suffering from living for other or they are not able to live on with what they have. Suppressing the talent is not good for oneself and for the community. The community may not able to know your talent and changed accordingly. Anything in the beginning is regarded as valuless untill it get eatablished in the society.
Let's take an example if someone interested in singing and if he/she don't get a good environment for singing and proper practice and show their talents in front then a socity may loss a good future singer which is a pride of the community. Only readings books is not the all things it's a small part amongs various ways of learning however studying books word by words killing creativity is not nice but regarded only the way to learn which is totally wrong. The study in institute after a primary or fundamental level should be from the inner willing of the student studying.

Novel Prize winner Rabindra Tagore was a person who had failed SLC standard examination for seven times, world famours film director Stephen Spielberg, the owner of ABC television Peter Jennings, the owner of Apple Company Step Jobs, formal president of United States Harry Truman, the famous comedian of Nepal Hari Bamsha Acharya, etc. are the people who are not good at formal education but they have achieved great success in their life in their respective field of interest that means formal education is not only the requirement to get success in the life.
So, fail in examination doesn't mean you fail in your life rather it create you an oppurtunity to get forward in your life in your own way you have choosed or you prefer the most in your interested field. Thus, I like to say you people who failes in the examination are the luckiest because you don't need to waste your time studing the subject matter you don't like that much and loose your creativeness that you have owned. Insted, it is better to give your time in the matter you have interested the most and do the training that train you the most and make you more skilled in your field you interested in.

If you fail that means you have doing the positive movement towards changed against the university, college and school in order to protected and promotes the individuals creativeness and natural talent you have owned.

Don't loss your hope if you fail your examination that doesn't mean your are of no use in life infact you can go in your way you interested the most which is the golden gate for you.
So Cheers!!

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